b'Aerosols for.ZENAZYME #493905Active Enzyne Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner Fast acting enzymes safely removes stubborn stains & odor-causing organic matter Inverted spray with foaming action penetrates deep into carpet and upholsteryfibers Effective on spots caused by coffee,MAINTENANCE INTERIORS EXTERIORSmilk, wine and other mishaps Fresh clean fragranceGLEAMONEX #495205 ZENALLURE #493975Premium Glass Cleaner Leather Cleaner & Conditioner Ammonia-freeRemoves stains, smudges, fingerprints, salt and Cleans, restores, shines dirt for a like-new appearance. Removes grime, bugs, fingerprints & more Restores body and luster. Fresh fragranceIdeal for both vinyl and leather surfaces. Completely streakproofLeather conditioner with mink oil. Safe for use on tinted windowsPleasant like new leather scent.ZENACLEAR #495255 ZENAFORCE FOAM CITRUS #496105Premium Streakproof Glass Cleaner Citrus Foaming Cleaner and Degreaser AmmoniatedFormulated with orange citrus solvents Cleans, restores, shines. Removes dirty hand prints, scuff marks, Removes grime, bugs, fingerprints & moresoot, grease, smokefilm, oil, light carbon Leaves no filmand dust Completely streakproofDeodorizes as it cleans Fast dryingRemoves stubborn asphalt from exteriorsVELONEX #496330 ZENASPOT B-GONE #493965Velour &Upholstery Cleaner Carpet Spotter Thick foam quickly penetrates stains andThis powerful spray removes tough spots soil from dirt, coffee, food or petsand stains instantly Cleans fabric without a soggy, wet messNon-foaming formula Use as a spotter or a cleanerUpright valve for fast, forceful penetration Fresh wintermint fragranceNo need for vigorous rubbing and scrubbing Excellent pre-spotterZENACLEAN #493935 ZENASPOT DIRECT #493955Thick Dry Foaming Carpet Cleaner Pinpoint Spray Carpet Stain Remover Inverted spray valve provides easy access toThis powerful spray removes tough spots hard-to-reach areasand stains instantly Quickly removes soil from mostNon-foaming formula upholstered surfacesUpright valve for fast, forceful penetration Cleans without leaving the fabric wetNo need for vigorous rubbing and scrubbing Fresh wintermint fragranceExcellent pre-spotter'