b'The ZenaShine Aerosols(continued) Line of automotive vinyl/plastic coatingsZENASHINEINTERIOR SHINEZENASHINE PLUSZENASHINE ZENASHINE MAXUM #497767 #497797 #494735 CHERRY ULTRA #497939Unscented Watermelon Scented Watermelon Scented #497936 Unscented High GlossMatte finish Matte Finish High Gloss Cherry ScentedLeaves a like-new Clear and odorlessQuick-drying, easy-to-use detailerConical spray patternHigh Glossfactory shineformula enhances interior surfacesNon-greasy andFan spray patternFormulated for vinyl Non-greasy and Just spray on, no wiping or streak-proofGreat for hard-to-reachinteriors, heavy enoughstreak-proof polishing necessaryGreat for hard-to- areasfor exteriors Great for hard-to-Renews and revitalizes appearance reach areasHigh-gloss shineNo wiping required reach areasof dashboards, vents, moldings Works instantly withEnhances the overallGreat for body moldings, Works instantly with& consolesno wiping necessarylook of your carengine compartments,no wiping necessaryLeaves a professional-looking Watermelon fragranceRestores moisture and life todash boards, and door jams Leaves a professional- matte finishdried-out tires and trimFan spray pattern looking matte finishNon-greasy and streak-free No wiping necessaryZENWAX #494745 ZENAGLOSS #497025Wax & Shine Foaming High Gloss Silicone Dressing Easy on / Easy offUse on tires, exterior moulding, Wont powder upengines, vinyl trim Shines all painted surfacesQuick detail touch-up spray Great on ChromeLong-lasting shine and protection & Aluminumin minutes Gives a wet-look, showroom shine Works great on interiors Repels water & prevents discoloration,drying & crackingRUBBERIZED UNDERCOAT #496405 & #496705BODY GLOSS #495305Durable coating is paintable and inhibits rustFinal Detail Spray WaxDeadens sound & prevents rust Get a glossy shine without much workWaterproof & elastic Quick detail touch-up sprayLays down smooth with a black finish Long-lasting shine and protection in minutesProtects fender replacements, new panels, Gives a wet-look showroom shinesection repairs and weld joints Safe for all finishes Repels water & prevents discoloration,Rubberized Undercoating PLUS (#496705): drying & cracking 19.4 oz canNo dry-time, hazing or buffing necessary'