b'Aerosols(continued) MAINTENANCEZENAFLUSH #498745 EXTREME SUPER ADHESIVE #496315Non-Chlorinated, Low Odor Brake Cleaner Web Spray Adhesive Removes dirt, grease, brake fluid andFormulated for stronger, longer bonds grime from critical brake componentsFlexible quick-tack leaves more adhesive Flushes away contaminants withouton the surface for stronger bonds disassembling the brake unitGreat temperature resistance Non Chlorinated, hexane free / 1, 1, 1, trichloroethane freeBonds fabric to foam, metal to wood, High pressure spraying / fast evaporatingand foam to foam Restores smooth brake operationExcellent for reupholstering and repairs Use on valve covers, clutch housings, clutch pressure plates and transmissionZENABRAKE NF #499325 ZENASTICK HD #496995Non-Flammable Brake Cleaner Heavy Duty Trim Adhesive Web Spray Cleans fast - dries fastFast drying formula Removes brake fluid, grease and oilFeatures a 3-way adjustable valve Degreases instantlyAll-surface, permanent bond Leaves no residueRepositionable during assembly Non- flammableExcellent heat and water resistance Ideal for bonding vinyl tops, heavyweight head liners and hood silencer padsZENACARB CLEANER #494405 ZENAMELT #498755Carburetor & Throttle Body Cleaner Frost & Ice Remover Instant tune-up formulaQuickly melts ice and frost from locks, wipers,Cleans carburetor right down to the metalwindows, windshields and headlights Removes gum and varnish depositsDoes not scrape or damage glass or Eliminates rough idling & safe for sensorsvehicles finish Improves engine performance and gas mileageNon-smearing formula, will not gum up ordistort vision Helps prevent freezing when used in advanceKWIK EVAP #498725 ZENATUFF#492845 PENTRAZEN 4-WAY #49930510% VOC FormulaPenetrant LubricantPenetrant Lubricant Non-Chlorinated with PTFEQuickly penetratesBrake CleanerQuickly penetratesrust & corrosion Non-Chlorinated. rust & corrosionto loosen nuts and boltsRemoves oils & contaminantsto loosen nuts and bolts Cleans, lubricates, VOC compliant in 50 statesCleans, lubricates,and protects Restores smooth brake operationand protectsDisplaces moisture and Fast evaporationDisplaces moisture andprevents corrosion prevents corrosionNon-flammable PTFEHigh dielectric strengthPaint Products EXTERIORSZENACOLOR PREMIUM ENAMEL Premium Spray PaintFast Drying Smooth Durable FinishFor use on Wood or Metal Economical & beautifulFree of lead hazard'